If there is one thing that can quickly tear a team or any type of coaching relationship apart it's a lack of trust!

Quite frankly, if you think about any sort of relationship - parent/child, husband/wife, employer/employee, etc - and asked people what are critical elements/qualities of those relationships that make them work well I would wager that trust would come out pretty high on quite a few lists.

One of my core coaching mantras iwhen I'm coaching one of my volleyball teams is the importance of trusting each other - coach to player, player to player, parent to coach.  If there's a break in any part of that chain you will have eventual chaos and there is no way that your team will reach it's full potential no matter how great your coaching strategies are or how incredibly demanding your conditioning programs are.

A recent article from one of my absolute favorite coaching blogs deals with this subject and I'd highly recommend checking it out.




07/06/2016 7:15am

I always find it awkward when I change gym memberships and I get assigned to a new coach. In order for me to work out properly, I find it important that I trust and know my coach. I am the type of person who needs a little push in order to go the extra mile. I usually need loud encouragement in order to achieve my fitness goals. Having someone you don't know well yell at you might be an uncomfortable experience for both you and your coach. I believe that the key to achieving a good relationship with one's coach is communication.


People nowadays have their own reasons not to believe. How will you become a leader if you don't know how to treat and respect your people? In order for them to obey, you bear to gain their trust, you must know them by heart. It's not that easy because it really needs time. Of course do something to make them sustain the reason to trust you. You must be flexible in many ways, not only in some particular person, must treat them fairly and like a family.


I am totally agree with you! I hope I will find a trustworthy coach someday. It's a hard task.

02/12/2017 10:52pm

Interesting coaching blog you shared here! I've added it in my favourites!

04/19/2017 1:04pm

It's important to be trustworthy if you want to become a great coach. You are totally right.


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